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In the classic “Disney” style!

I took a chance and bought this CD last Christmas when it first came out for my 6 year old son & he l-o-v-e-s it. It reminds me of my old Disney story records I used to play when I was little.

Laura from NYC

 Item just as described. Thanks! Children’s My Child Storytime VOL. I Stories & Songs For Children On CD ages 3-8

Abby from CA

*****5*****STARS!!!~~EVERYTHING 100%!!!~~~THANK YOU!!!~~~A++++++++

Jill in Florida

Hello there! This cd is awesome my daughter loves it thanks!

New message from: Nadken_2953 (51Blue Star)

HOPEWELL JUNCTION, N.Y., Nov.  2016 – MMR Productions, which specializes in educational and entertaining material for young audiences, has unveiled a new website at https://mychildstorytime.com/ to promote its new collection of original children's stories: "My Child Storytime Vol. I." These engaging and meaningful stories are mostly geared for children ages 3 to 8, but some are appropriate for kids up to age 13. Parents can learn more about this unique edutainment product and listen to samples at https://mychildstorytime.com/childrens-stories/.

"A child's imagination is precious," says Manuel Rose, CEO of MMR Productions and the imaginative mind behind all the stories in volume I, "so we are proud to introduce this captivating collection of fully dramatized stories and songs. Each one contains a moral lesson that can encourage children and their parents to discuss some difficult but important topics."

"My Child Storytime Vol. I" includes eight tracks, totaling approximately one hour of stories and songs. Among the stories are "Noggy (The Doggy)," about a mischievous puppy with a habit of making big messes – but who must learn to be more responsible if she's to earn a place in her new family. "Noggy (The Doggy)" is followed by an original song featuring the same canine character. Another story, "My Special Kitty," revolves around the issue of bullying, which so many children deal with every day. Other original tales include "Little Booby Bear," "Harry the Hound Doggy," "A New Home for Michael" and "The Lonely Macaw."

Rose has over 16 years of experience producing high-quality entertainment products. His passion for this work shines through in the care and craftsmanship that have gone into this first volume of songs and stories from MMR Productions. Helping him bring these stories to life is his partner Melissa Rose, who contributed to the narration and musical composition.

"Today's audio books and stories are often better at putting audiences to sleep than engaging their souls, and youngsters especially can't be expected to pay close attention when there's no dramatization or flair," adds Rose. "We go the extra mile and create stories that draw in the audience and expand the listening skills of children. Melissa and I want to revive the tradition of fully orchestrated and dramatic stories that rival film and television soundtracks. We believe our stories truly come to life through a skillful mix of words and music."

MMR Productions describes "My Child Storytime Vol. I" as a great holiday gift, and the CD is available for only $9.99, with no shipping costs. "My Child Storytime Vol. II" is already in development. Like the first volume, the new CD will feature original stories primarily for younger children.

About MMR Productions

MMR Productions has been producing quality educational, creative and entertaining audio-visual products since 2000. To learn more, visit https://mychildstorytime.com and http://knowyourparrot.com.


Manuel Rose, CEO