The Time Machine By Manuel Rose

Ten year old Craig Thomas was walking home from school in what seemed to be an ordinary trip, until he stumbled upon what appeared to be a space ship.
After entering the ship, he realized it was not a ship at all, but a time machine that would send him back in time to the sixties.
Poor Craig gets caught up in a peace and love movement with strangers, and can't find his own neighborhood.
Will Craig find his way back to the time machine in time?
Will he ever find his way home?
Find out what happens to Craig in, The Time Machine.
A story (Audio Book) that’s sure to capture everyone’s attention!
Fully Dramatized!

About 13 Minutes

The Butterfly By Manuel Rose

5-year-old Laqesha and her parents visit a family member at a country home in Lodi, New Jersey. On that sleepy summer afternoon of their arrival, Laqesha encounters a beautiful and mysterious butterfly that shows her an enchanting place she never knew could exist. A childhood dream then metamorphoses into something of a strange curiosity when Laqesha becomes a big part of “Mr. Butterfly’s” life in more ways than she could ever imagine…Find out what happens in this intriguing story!
Fully Dramatized Audio Book.

About 16 Minutes

All Aboard The Ghost Train By Manuel Rose

The illustrious E6 NO. 466 locomotive (“Lundbergh Engine”) is a historic tribute to humanity’s ingenuity, strength, and determination…and she’s making her final journey from Newark to Atlantic City, New Jersey before her permanent retirement. Within the crevices of her iron body and fiery belly, there is something most peculiar about the Lundbergh Engine. A young passenger, named Tommy, soon discovers that Walter, the train’s conductor, is in possession of a special pocket watch that harbors a strange secret connected with the mysterious occurrences on board the antique train. Find out what happens next when the secret of the pocket watch falls into the wrong hands, as you embark on this railroad adventure, descending the tracks of time! Fully Dramatized Audio Book.

About 34 Minutes