8-year-old Tommy wants nothing more for his birthday than his own puppy. Just when he thinks he won’t get his birthday wish, his daddy brings home a special “furry” surprise for him. However, pandemonium soon erupts from the pup’s overwhelming sense of curiosity and adventure. Can she redeem herself and earn her place in the family, or will she have to find a new home?

Fully Dramatized Audio Book.

About 14 minutes

My Special Kitty By Manuel Rose

Young Larry doesn't have many friends and is often the subject of cruel taunts from his peers. But one day, he encounters an injured cat that shows him the true meaning of loving others, not just despite their differences but because they are different. A heartwarming story that any bullied child can relate to.

Fully Dramatized Audio Book.

About 12 Minutes.

Little Booby Bear By Manuel Rose

After a brutally cold winter, spring finally arrives, and for a family of bears, that means fun in the sun! But all is not fun and games when the youngest bear, “Booby,” finds himself in an unexpected predicament that can change his life forever. Will he be able to find his way back home to his momma and papa?

Fully Dramatized Audio Book.

About 7 minutes.

Harry the Hound Doggy By Manuel Rose

Poor little Harry! The cold, gray, wintry city streets are no place for a young dog to wander. He’s lonely, hungry, and in desperate need of a home. But when a young woman encounters trouble, Harry comes to her rescue. Will she reward him with a permanent, loving home?

Fully Dramatized Audio Book.

Over 12 minutes.

A New Home for Michael By Manny Rose

Carlos is the loving owner of a sweet, joyous cockatiel named Michael. But when Carlos’ mother falls gravely ill in Puerto Rico, he vows to travel over there to take care of her and leave Michael in the temporary care of another family that quickly becomes attached to the young bird. Will there be more than one home for Michael?

Fully Dramatized Audio Book.

About 7 minutes

The Lonely Macaw By Manuel Rose

A mother and father macaw (parrot) anxiously await the arrival of their new baby. However, the late hatcher finds herself abandoned after her parents hopelessly fly away from the nest. She soon discovers an unlikely mother in a 9-year-old boy named Joey whose own parents are initially displeased with her being a new addition to the family. Find out what happens next in this touching story! 

Fully Dramatized Audio Book.

Over 5 minutes.

The Christmas Bird By Manuel Rose

The Rosa family is financially struggling since Benny lost his job at the factory right around the holiday season. It seems that this particular Christmas is destined to be a somber time for the Rosas, especially when their 8-year-old daughter, Melissa, reveals that the only thing on her Christmas wish list is a little blue bird that will prove to be too financially expensive for the family to afford. Can childhood innocence and the belief of Christmas miracles restore the Rosa family’s faith in hope and love? Find out how this touching story will unfold…

Fully Dramatized Audio Book.

About 12 minutes.

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