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A child’s imagination is a terrible thing to waste.

Turn off the TVs and the tablets and tune into MyChildStorytime.com. Come and Explore your auditory skills. Also great for visually impaired  children!

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Our fully dramatized  CD My Child Storytime Vol. 1 will help foster any child’s creative imagination and help them be more sociable and understanding. This CD has quickly become a children’s favorite as was mentioned on  Q92.1 FM in Poughkeepsie NY by Manny Rose, member of ASCAP.

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Original Fully Dramatized CD With 8 Original Stories & Songs! 


My Child Storytime Vol. 1 by Manny Rose

Over 1 Hour Of Stories With Morals!

8 Great Stories And Songs On 1 CD That’s Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Child’s Face!

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‘In the classic Disney style! I took a chance and bought this CD last Christmas when it first came out for my 6 year old son & he l-o-v-e-s it. It reminds me of my old Disney story records I used to play when I was little. Laura from NYC’

A Great Collection Of Kids Audio Books On 1 CD!

My Child Storytime VOL. I (CD) Only $7.99 With FREE SHIPPING WITHIN 24 Hours!

A child’s imagination is precious, so turn off the TVs and the tablets and tune into My Child Storytime Vol. 1! This captivating collection of fully dramatized stories and songs containing morals, specially designed for ages 3-8, is guaranteed to unlock your child’s pure imagination. Kids will love “Noggy,” a story about a mischievous little puppy who loves to make messes. But can she earn her place in the family, or will she have to find a new home? A song also accompanies this story. “My Special Kitty” is another original heartwarming story that any bullied child can relate to.

Other tracks include the story of “Little Booby Bear” and an accompanying song. Find out what happens when an adventurous little bear finds himself in an unexpected predicament that can alter his life forever. “Harry The Hound Doggy” is a story of an orphaned city-street-savvy dog who wants nothing more in life than a loving home. Will he get his wish? In “A New Home For Michael,” a sweet little cockatiel is left in the temporary care of another family that quickly falls in love with him. But what will happen if his original owner comes back to reclaim him?  Find out what happens next when a baby macaw parrot is abandoned in the story of “The Lonely Macaw,” and she discovers an unlikely mother in a 9-year-old boy! Children and parents will adore this enchanting collection.

This CD is guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face!

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A GREAT GIFT For Any Child!!!

*All stories written by Manny Rose. Music and narration by Manny Rose and Melissa Rose of MMR Productions.

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